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Back and Neck Pain

If you suffer from chronic or acute back pain, the experts at Midwest Physical Therapy can help you get relief. Living with pain can cause you to miss out on the activities you enjoy, decrease your productivity and ability to work and greatly reduce your overall quality of life.

Whether you have back pain because of a herniated disc, osteoarthritis, radiculopathy, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome or any other issue that is seriously impairing your life, we can help! We aim to provide a salutation to you and your individual problem, as well as provide education on how to stay pain free after your injury has healed.

Extremity Injuries

If you suffer from recent or chronic shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, hip, knee or foot/ankle injuries – we can help! Often these injuries can be progressive and recurrent, limiting you from full function. We offer individualized treatment plans to reduce your pain, restore your strength and function and teach you long term self-management!

Auto & Work Injuries

Motor vehicle injuries have devastating effect on the body. The most common injury received in a car accident is whiplash. We help guide people through the stages of recovery and healing to reduce pain, restore range of motion and restore postural and activity tolerance.

We also provide Work Ability Determinations and Functional Disability Assessments.

Hands-On Therapy

Joint Mobilization

At the appropriate time, both spinal and extremity injuries can greatly benefit from joint mobilizations. These segmental pressures can help improve joint movement to help reduce pain and impingement.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

Strains and sprain type injuries often result in imperfect repair – which can cause recurrences of pain and reduced overall function. Soft tissue mobilization helps to break down scar tissue, improve circulation and restore tissue tolerance to contractile tissue dysfunction.

Electrical muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, and heat and cold therapies available to ease your pain.

Preventative Medicine

Learn the fundamental basics to prevent the likelihood of insidious future injuries

Custom Casted Orthotics

Molded and fabricated for your unique concern, reducing your foot pain and correcting skeletal alignment.

Post-Surgical Recovery

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